Ayurvedic Post Delivery Care in Trivandrum

PRE -CONCEPTION CARE (Garbha Samskara)

Garbha samskara means the process of nurturing a healthy baby inside the womb. A lot of members of the younger generation have been impacted by one or more lifestyle diseases including PCOS, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, etc. in the contemporary culture of bad food and lifestyle choices. In order to prevent undesired vitiation and imbalances from transferring to the future progeny, a conscious effort should be made to get rid of them from our bodies before taking on the enormous responsibility of having a child. It is always important to go through the procedure of Garbhasamskara in order to produce the best progeny possible from oneself. It helps one become healthier, more self-assured, and more driven to enjoy parenthood.


KAYAKALPA gives emphasis to Garbhini paricharya with our bespoke antenatal care plan “GARBHA SAMSKARA” focusing on all aspects of the health and wellness of the expecting mother and her baby in a manner which is most compassionate and comprehensive.
Our pregnancy care program consists of Pregnancy Ayurveda month-wise medication, Pregnancy yoga programs, Pregnancy Health & fitness sessions starting from the period of pre-conception, early pregnancy running throughout the course of 9 months with appropriate health check-ups, screening tests, etc duly handled by Ayurveda Gynaecologist. Yoga & physio-fitness sessions exclusively are done by trained Yoga doctors and physiotherapists who are trained in attending pregnancy support. A customized diet based on the gestational requirements also is advised along with this program to meet the calorific and nutritional requirements for the growing baby and mother.
All these conditions are reviewed and guided under the strict supervision of an Ayurveda Gynaecologist who is well-versed in managing such conditions. We are providing an integrated approach to our pregnancy care program where new parents are encouraged to nurture their babies in a holistic way. This program can be made beneficial for couples who follow a conventional system of medicine along with their ANC program (if needed).


We at KAYAKALPA give emphasis on maintaining health and beauty in the best possible way for both the mother and baby with the support of qualified, trained, and expert professionals along with special soothika organic diet to even the hair and beauty aspect will be taken care with utmost significance. We accept it as our responsibility to bring fruitfulness in all aspects of the mother’s life with proper treatment protocol at the proper time as suggested by the ancient books of Ayurveda and Yoga. Psychological reassurance also is an important segment that will help the mother to overcome the physical and mental trauma she faced. With our special attention and care the mother and baby are well adapted to pamper the new world of motherhood with the goodness of Ayurveda.

Best Ayurvedic Post Delivery Care in Trivandrum

Kayakalpa Ayurveda Clinic, offers one of The best Ayurveda treatments in Trivandrum providing the best wellness packages that includes the best Ayurvedic treatment for pre-delivery care and post delivery care and is also called as the best Ayurvedic post delivery care in Trivandrum.
Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala is well known for their authentic Ayurveda treatment. Our traditional Ayurveda therapy will heal you in and out. Post delivery, your body experiences a lot of physical and hormonal changes which can be difficult to adjust to at times. Then the only thing you need is to get back your old form. With our traditional Ayurvedic method, we may help you return to your natural state while making sure you get the most out of being a mother.